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Lateral Flow Assay

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Chexel Reader Chexel™ reader is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device that measures the fluorescence generated by laser irradiation. It can inspect the markers for specific diseases by attaching Chexel™ cartridge containing specimens such as blood sampled from the patient. It is a PC based inspection tool that provides users with quantitative results. Chexel™ cartridges that can be inspected should be purchased separately.

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Characteristics and Benefits – Easy to transport and store as small appliance

– Provide accurate measurements

– Windows O/S-based programs allow you to operate your device using your preferred PC

– Ease to use with easy UI configuration

– Fast quantitative analysis

– Use small amount of sample

– Result output and automatic save system using built-in printer

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Input voltage

DC 12V, 3.4A


Rs232c to USB

Information output

PC display, Thermal printer

Measurement time

within 20 minutes

Reproducibility (CV%)

< 1%


1.7 kg

Tablet PC Minimum Specimens

Operating system : Windows 10 or later

Resolution: 1280*800 or higher

Net Framework 4.5 or later

Built-in USB port