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NB POSTECH Starting as the No.1 school company at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), NB POSTECH is a bio-venture company that uses cutting-edge technology developed by the university and, it has the world’s best patented surface coating technology using nanocone. Nanocone technology is a technology that secures nanoparticles of desired size to the surface, which can greatly improve accuracy and reliability in diagnostic fields such as bio-chip and, when applied to medical diagnostic equipment, has excellent competitive edge in the world market.

NB POSTECH has already succeeded in mass production of the substrate for DNA/Protein chips, started exporting to the U.S. and world markets, and applied for/registered multiple U.S. and PCT patents. NANOGEA was established in the U.S. to commercialize the diagnostic equipment NE-AFM, in 2009. And worked with global AFM and diagnostic companies to jointly develop and research equipment applied with atomic force microscopes to enhance our status as a global company.

Ultimately, by launching a medical diagnostic device with the highest sensitivity, high reliability and accuracy, the company aims to prepare for a new chapter in medical analysis and become a global expert in diagnosis. And in order to develop LFA (Lateral Flow Assay) kit applying NanoCone technology and to commercialize it, NB POSTECH are preparing to enter full-scale LFA diagnostic market by establishing factory together with HANDOK.