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NB POSTECH Inc. is a bio-venture that uses cutting-edge surface and DNA technology developed by Professor Joon Won Park and his students, and it utilizes proprietary surface coating technology and its extended applications. Namely, Nanocone technology produces a monolayer of dendron of specific design and sizes on solid substrates, and the uniform coating allows appropriate lateral distance between immobilized biomolecules such as DNA and antibody. It is observed that such technology can greatly improve accuracy, reproducibility, and reliability in diagnostic fields such as DNA-microarray and protein microarray. Recently, such efficacy is also observed for bio-AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy).

NB POSTECH has already succeeded in mass production of various substrates including glass slides, glass rods, and silicon wafers for DNA/Protein microarrays. Recently with sizeable investment of Handok for lateral flow assay kits, NB POSTECH established a production facility at Anyang (a suburb of Seoul), and launched COVID-19 antibody kits and antigen kits. Because of NanoCone technology the kits boast high sensitivity and enhanced shelf-life. Notably, the company observed that LOD and LOQ of kit for troponin I go excellent to meet clinician requirement. When applied for AFM probes, the coating guarantees 1:1 interaction at the single molecule level, and enables us to detect various mutated genes to the single copy. No necessity to set clinical cut-off value is a great advantage leading to 100 % sensitivity and 100% specificity.

Such technological platform has led us lateral flow assay business with merits and extremely sensitive diagnosis of mutated genes such as liquid biopsy by use of AFM. Because we have shown that such Bio-AFM can be applied for various biomarkers such as protein, microRNA, and mRNA in addition to genes of single point mutation, NB POSTECH is aiming to become an outstanding entity in diagnosis area of the world.