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Liquid Biopsy

Research Service for Liquid Biopsy

Through a reference lab to be launched soon, blood samples and/or cell free DNA samples will be analyzed to detect and quantify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Currently, ctDNA includes KRAS, EGFR, and NRAS, and can be extended to other genes if necessary. For KRAS, ctDNA such as G12D, G12V, G12C, G12A, G12S, G12R, and G13D can be analyzed individually or collectively. Also, it is same for T790M, delE746-A750, L858R and V769-D770insASV as far as EGFR is concerned. The same approach is applicable for Q61K and A59T of NRAS.


1. The limit of detection: Three copies and allele frequency below 0.01%
2. The highest sensitivity and specificity: close to 100%
3. The flexibility: ctDNA of a specific gene can be analyzed individually or collectively, For example, not only all mutations in codons 12 and 13 of KRAS can be detected together, but also ctDNA of each mutation type can be detected individually.
4. The multiplexing: ctDNA of selected genes can be analyzed in a single test. For example, a blood sample can be examined whether the sample contains any mutation in KRAS, EGFR, and NRAS or not.
5. Low sample volume: Typically a blood sample less than 1.0 mL is required for a test.
To find a brief summary showing the relationship between cancers and KRAS, EGFR, and
NRAS mutations, please open the attached file in below.