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  • 2008

    “Mechanically Stretching Folded Nano-pi-Stacks Reveals PicoNewton Attracting Forces”

    Jung Sook Kim, Yu Jin Jung, Joon Won Park*, Wei Wang, Wei Wan, and Alexander D. Q. Li*

    Adv. Mater., doi: 10.1002/adma.200801323

  • 2008

    “Nanoscale 2-D Image of Pax6 mRNA in a Mouse Embryonic Tissue by Picoforce AFM”

    Yu Jin Jung, Yu Shin Park, Ki-Jun Yoon, Young-Yun Kong, Joon Won Park* and Hong Gil Nam*

    Nucleic Acids Research, doi:10.1093/nar/gkn965

  • 2008

    “A Dendron-Modified Polystyrene Microtiter Plate: Surface Characterization with Picoforce AFM and Influence of the Spacing between the Immobilized Amyloid Beta Proteins”

    Dhruvajyoti Roy, Ju-Won Kwak, Wan Joo Maeng, Hyungjun Kim, and Joon Won Park*

    Langmuir, 24, 14296-14305.

  • 2007

    ”Fingertip”-Guided Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes by Dendrons”

    Sungwook Woo, Yoonmi Lee, Vijaya Sunkara, Ravi Kumar Cheedarala, Hyeon Suk Shin, Hee Cheul Choi*, and Joon Won Park*

    Langmuir, 23, 11373.

  • 2007

    “Dendron Arrays for the Force-Based Detection of DNA Hybridization Events”

    Yu Jin Jung, Bong Jin Hong, Wenke Zhang, Saul J. B. Tendler, Philip M. Williams, Stephanie Allen,* Joon Won Park,*

    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129, 9349.

  • 2007

    “Sensitivity enhancement of DNA microarray on nanoscale-controlled surface by using a streptavidin-fluorophore conjugate”

    Vijaya Sunkara, Bong Jin Hong, Joon Won Park,*

    Biosensor and Bioelectronics, 22, 1532.

  • 2007

    “DNA-DNA Interaction on the Dendron-Modified Sol-Gel Film Followed with Surface Plasmon Fluorescence Spectroscopy”

    Sung Hong Kwon, Bong Jin Hong, Hye Young Park, Wolfgang Knoll,* Joon Won Park,*

    J. Colloids and Interface Sciences, 308, 325.

  • 2007

    “Single Interaction Force of Biomolecules with Picoforce AFM”

    Yu Jin Jung and Joon Won Park*

    Journal of the Korean Vacuum Society, 16, 52.

  • 2006

    “Nanoscale Controlled Self-Assembled Monolayer and Quantum Dot”

    Seung Koo Shin, Hye Ju Yun, Yu Jin Jung, Joon Won Park,*

    Current Opinion on Chemical Biology, 10, 423.

  • 2006

    “Surface Modification for DNA and Protein Microarrays”

    Soon Jin Oh,* Bong Jin Hong, Kwan Yong Choi, Joon Won Park*

    Omics, 10, 327.

  • 2005

    “Nanoscale-Controlled Spacing Provides DNA Microarrays with the SNP Discrimination Efficiency in Solution Phase”

    Bong Jin Hong, Soon Jin Oh, Tae One Youn, Sung Hong Kwon, Joon Won Park*

    Langmuir, 21, 4257-4261.

  • 2005

    “DNA microarrays on a dendron-modified surface improve significantly the detection of single nucleotide variations in the p53 gene”

    Soon Jin Oh, Jimin Ju, Byung Chul Kim, Eunsil Ko, Bong Jin Hong, Jae-Gahb Park, Joon Won Park, and Kwan Yong Choi*

    Nucleic Acids Research, 33, e90.

  • 2005

    “DNA Microarrays on Nanoscale-Controlled Surface”

    Bong Jin Hong, Vijaya Sunkara, and Joon Won Park*

    Nucleic Acids Research, 33, e106

  • 2005

    “Pseudo 3D Singl-Walled Carbon Nanotube Film for BSA-Free Protein Chips”

    Hye Ryung Byon, Bong Jin Hong, Yong Song Gho, Joon Won Park, Hee Chul Choi,*

    ChemBioChem, 6, 1331.

  • 2004

    “Enhanced Protein-Ligand Interactions by Guaranteed Mesospacing between Immobilized Biotins”

    Young-Seo Choi, Chang Won Yoon, Hae Dong Lee, Min Young Park, Joon Won Park*,

    Chem. Commun., 1316.

  • 2004

    “Modification of Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO) Glass with Aziridine provides a Surface of High Amine Density”

    Chang Ok Kim, Sun-Young Hong, Bum-Soo Kim, Hye-Young Shim, Minju Kim, Su-Moon Park, and Joon Won Park*

    J. of Colloid and Interface Science, 277, 499-504.

  • 2004

    “Interaction between glutathione and glutathione-S-transferase on dendron self-assembled controlled pore glass beads”

    Li-Hua Chen, Young-Seo Choi, Joseph Kwon, Rong-Shun Wang, Taehoon Lee, Sung Ho Ryu, and Joon Won Park*

    Tetrahedron, 60, 7293-7299.

  • 2004

    “Effect of Linker for Immobilization of Glutathione on BSA-Assembled Controlled Pore Glass Beads”

    Li-Hua Chen, Young-Seo Choi, Jung Won Park, Joseph Kwon, Rong-Shun Wang, Taehoon Lee, Sung Ho Ryu, and Joon Won Park*

    Bull. Kor. Chem. Soc., 25, 1366-1370.

  • 2003

    “Regular Mesospacing between Reactive Amine Groups on the Surface through Self-Assembly of a Dendron”

    Bong Jin Hong, Jeo Young Shim, Soon Jin Oh, Kibong Lee, Joon Won Park*

    Langmuir, Vol. 19, 2357.

  • 2003

    “Hyperbranching Polymerization of Aziridine on Silica Solid Substrates Leading to a Surface of Highly Dense Reactive Amine Group”

    Chang Ok Kim, Sung Ju Cho, Joon Won Park*

    J. Colloid and Interface Science, Vol. 260, 374.

  • 2002

    “Characteristics of DNA Microarray Fabricated on the Various Aminosilane Layers”

    Soon Jin Oh, Sung Ju Cho, Chang Ok Kim, Joon Won Park*

    Langmuir, Vol. 18, 1764-1769.

  • 2001

    “Increased Amine Surface Density of an Aminosilylated Molecular Layer through Hyperbranching”

    Sung Ju Cho; Hong Jin Kim; Joon Won Park*

    Mol. Crys. Liq. Crys., Vol. 371, 71.

  • 2001

    “Stepwise Growth of Oligodeoxynucleotides on Solid Hydroxylated Substrates”

    Soon Jin Oh; Joon Won Park*

    Mol. Crys. Liq. Crys., Vol. 371, 83.

  • 2000

    “A Hyperbranched Poly(ethyleneimine) Grown at the Surfaces”

    Hong Jin Kim; Joong Ho Moon; Joon Won Park*

    J. of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol. 227, 247.

  • 1997

    “Absolute Surface Density of the Amine Group of the Aminosilylated Thin Layers: UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Second Harmonic Generation, and Synchrotron-Radiation Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study”

    J. H. Moon; J. H. Kim; K. -J. Kim; T. -H. Kang; B. Kim; C.-H. Kim; J. H. Hahn; J. W. Park*

    Langmuir, Vol. 13, 4305.

  • 1997

    “Self-Assembly of Aminosilane Layers: Determination of Surface Density of the Amine Group through a Reversible Chemical Reaction”

    J. H. Moon; J. W. Shin; J. W. Park*

    Mol. Crys. Liq. Crys., Vol. 295, 185.

  • 1996

    “Formation of Uniform Aminosilane Thin Layers: An Imine Formation to Measure Relative Surface Density of the Amine Group”

    J. H. Moon; J. W. Shim; S. Y. Kim, J. W. Park*

    Langmuir, Vol. 12, 4621.