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DNA Microarray

SNP genotyping

- Model system


Figure 1. A scheme showing selective DNA detection on the NB slide

While a DNA microarray manufactured on the NB slide provides each probe DNA with ample space for hybridization with incoming target DNAs, the microarray shows enhanced discrimination efficiency for various types of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). In model system, the highest discrimination efficiency holds for all tested cases (100:<1 for internal mismatched cases; 100:<28 for terminal mismatched cases). On the other hand, a competitor slide without controlled spacing shows relatively poor discrimination efficiency and for one terminal mismatched case, its signal is almost indistinguishable with that of the matched one. Here, capability to discriminate even the most challenging terminal mismatched case is demonstrated for the DNA microarray on the NB slide.


- Real system : Detection of 7 hot spots of p53 gene


Figure 1. Fluorescence images after the hybridization on the dendron-modified substrates. Single point mutations of seven codons of p53 gene were detected with 200-400 mer target DNA samples.

Table 1. Relative fluorescence intensity of seven hotspot codons in p53 gene on the NB slide .


The fluorescence intensity of perfect matched sequence of each codon was set to 100.

* Nucleic Acids Research 33(10), e90 (2005)